Valerie Sherwood Rask has been creating custom stained and fused glass panels and jewelry for over 25 years. As the owner of Sherwood Art Glass in Oregonia, Ohio, she has been designing glass artwork for homes, churches, and businesses all over the tristate area since 1985. She began her glass training at Hanover College in Indiana, and then proceeded to work in southern California before returning to Ohio where she was born.


"Glass fusing holds a particular satisfaction for me as I can achieve a more painterly quality in the work. The panels are created in layers, which allows for blending colors, adding detail, depth, and dimension to the work. Fused glass can stand alone as a window, wall or tabletop piece, or be incorporated into larger windows with the use of traditional stained glass techniques.

My work is heavily influenced by nature. The gardens surrounding my country home on the Little Miami River offer inspiration in color and form, which translates beautifully in the glass. Water images are often incorporated, and the freedom and natural movement of the fused glass reflect wonderfully the feeling of the life giving nature of water."